Should a Wife Work Outside the Home?
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Most women do not realize how industrious they can be. As a wife and mother myself I have come to know, through the knowledge given to me through our Lord, that being a helpmeet to our husbands is more than taking care of the children, cleaning and cooking, although these areas are all very important, we must trust that God would want for us to serve our families in other ways too. I do know for a fact that even though money may be tight, God prefers that a wife and mother serve her family rather than employers. When a wife and mother works outside the home, it upsets the balance of the home in so many ways. Letís take a look.

A Wife Who Works is Not Under Her Husbands Protection and Covering

When a wife is outside the home working she is not in her own home and under the protection of her husband. Some of you may find this old-fashioned, but the truth is women fall under all forms of prey when they work outside the home. Husbands are to protect their wives from outside influences. Besides that, do you think a wife should submit her talents and abilities to another man or woman instead of her husband and family? That doesnít make very much sense does it? The only time a woman should work outside the home, in my opinion, is when she is working with her husband in their own business.

She Becomes Vulnerable to Abuse and Sexual Advances

I bet more than half the women on our marriage list have come under some kind of sexual abuse, demands abuse, or office politics. Do you think it is right for your wife to submit herself to an abusive, demanding man or woman? Why put your wife through such turmoil as this? Not only is a husband to protect his wife from physical danger but also emotional danger such as this. A Christian woman should never be subjected to anything that would emotionally put her in danger and weaken her faith in Christ, and to do so is playing with fire.

She Becomes Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers

Do you think it is an encouraging environment for a Christian woman to be working with unbelievers? Should your wife allow her spiritual and emotional self to be subjected to unbelief and rebellion? Over time would not this atmosphere weaken her faith in the Lord? Iím not talking about mature Christians who are strong in their faith, who serve by volunteering their time and services to unbelievers. Iím talking about subjecting your wife or a wife subjecting herself to a negative environment just because you think you need the money! Every day women are influenced to not be subjected to their husbands because of the unbelieving women they work with all day. How discouraging is that?

Young Children Alone After School

If mom is outside the home working then who is managing the home front and caring for the children?  No matter what anyone says, motherhood is the most important job!!  It is so very sad that some women feel that it is demeaning to stay home and be a wife and mother. Parenthood is a serious and challenging role and it takes much more patience, wisdom and womanly strength to be a mother than work at a job any day!  In my opinion, being a wife and mother is the most challenging, important and fruitful career choice a woman can ever make.

Mom Tired and Drained After Working All Day

When mom comes home from working all day she is tired and hungry and needy herself, but who is going to take care of her? Because of her busy schedule how can she care for her family properly in the ways of the Lord. Who is going to cook hot, nutritious meals, tidy the house, and give love and respect to the rest of the family? You get the idea right? Granted we do need certain things to survive and that takes money. But what happens when we trust in God for our provisions. If our faith is with God than he will provide. God knows what we need! 

When we put out trust and faith in God we come to realize what our talents and abilities are and we allow our creative mind go to work.  God's work in our lives and marriage is seen through cause and effect. When we trust in God for what we need we have more abundance and prosperity than a mere job can give us any day! This is Godís blessings! A wife and mother is much more productive for her family being at home and taking care of her family and managing the home front. So don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 


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