Motherhood - The Most Important and Challenging
Job A Woman Will Ever Have

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In the 1950ís and still, even in the 60ís, many married women stayed home and raised children, cleaned the house, sewed, cooked, etc. Some of them did volunteer work or had part-time jobs that did not take away from their obligations in the home. Today, attitudes have changed drastically and have made the housewife and mother something to look down upon. But motherhood is the most important and challenging job a woman will ever undertake in her lifetime. It is the one job that will give her satisfaction of mind and soul, if only she would stop listening to the opposition.

Housewifeís should not allow what others say about being a ďstay-at-home momĒ bring negativity into their belief system. Some women, especially those in the feminist movement, think it is old fashion to stay home, cook and be a mother?  How can being there for your family be old fashion? I donít get that? How can a woman loving her family be old fashion? Itís not old-fashioned Ė it is wonderful.

Am I saying that a woman who works doesnít love her family? No. But, I firmly believe that women have obligations in the home and that should take precedence over anything else. I did say obligations, didnít I? Women today may feel they donít have any domestic obligations since they are now helping to bring home some of the bacon. And thatís perfectly fine when there are no children involved. Married women with children have an obligation to be there for their children. Why have children if you arenít going to be their mother?

I have said this a thousand times, but I have to say it again. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a mother working outside of the home, if it does not interfere with family obligations. So what constitutes an obligation?  Well to begin with, as mothers we are obligated to nurture and discipline our children properly. Smaller children need their mother to be home with them; it is excellent for their little minds to have a growing, loving bond with their mother. Children also love discipline; it keeps them aware of what is right and wrong so later they wonít identify themselves with the wrong crowd. A mother is obligated to cook for her family nutritious meals, at least most of the time.  If you can work and also care for your family, great!

A disorderly and chaotic home life can be difficult and confusing to deal with, especially for children. It makes them feel like they have that made up disease they like to call Attention Deficient Disorder. They are so confused they believe they really have it! No one knows when dinner will be ready, or what is going to be for dinner. Judy is hungry and has leftover cake and soda for a snack.  Jeremy has baseball practice but canít find his left cleat.  Judy is so frazzled she canít find her school assignment that is due the next day. And no one knows when momís going to be home. Mom we need you!

ďWhere is mom? Iím hungry?Ē  Whines Sally. Dirty dishes from the night before fill the sink so you canít even get a drink of water. Henry and Billy wonít stop beating each other up, and by the time husband comes home, all he wants is some food and his kind, smiling wife to greet him. But there is nothing cooked and no smiling wife to be found. Bologna sandwich again?

Wow. I would have attention deficient disorder too if I lived in a house like that.  It is hard to focus when everything is chaotic in a childís life. Children thrive on organization and structure. Let me ask you this for you self-employed people out there: What would happen if you left your business four hours early everyday, with the manager, for a month? After one month, check your profit and loss statements. Also check with the employeeís about what went on in your absence. The bottom line is no one can take care of your business better than you can. After all, you are the owner and it is your pride and joy. AndÖno one can take care of your children like you can, because after all, you are their parents and they are your pride and joy, right?

A loving mother is the key to a childís future. She is worth far more than gold and rubies. A mother who is home for her children is giving them the best gift they will ever receive in their lifetime.  The dad who disciplines his children is giving them the next best gift they will ever receive in a lifetime.

Discipline your son, and he will give you peace; he will bring delight to your soul. (Proverbs 29:17 NIV


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