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Before You Get Married - 4 Tips
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What prepares a Christian woman for marriage is not so much knowing how to cook, or how to sew, or how to keep a the house clean and sparkling, but in knowing God's purpose for her and her future husband in the marriage. 


1) Accepting Her God-given Role to Submit


Many Christian women have been raised without the proper principles for marriage laid upon their heart. She has been given the seed but planted the seed in the wrong soil. The plant is growing for herself but this leaves her marriage without the loving tender care that it needs. Why do you think many husbands and wives head-butt one another all the time? It's because they are not applying their God-given roles for marriage. The seed was planted in the wrong soil. 


2) Godly Husbands Are Not Being Controlling They Are Being Protective


Examples of a godly husband: When a godly man tells his wife not to wear certain clothing, or to not hang around certain friends, or to not go out alone at night, he is not controlling her or trying to keep her from enjoying herself, he is protecting her from harm and ungodly outside influences that could affect her emotionally and spiritually. This is his job! And when she rebels against her husbands protection for her, essentially she is not allowing him to love her in the way God has purposed him to love her. 



3) Knowing Her Purpose as Helpmeet


We don't realize it, ladies but when we seek to have our own careers, our jobs take us away from our purpose for marriage. Eve was created to be a helpmeet to her husband, Adam. We cannot serve God and mammon. It never works because one ends up being left out in the cold. How can we help and encourage our husbands in their God-given role when we are usurping that role? Many young women of today were raised with feministic ideals and then they carry this attitude into the marriage with them.


Carrying a feministic attitude will keep us from being the helpmeet to our husbands because feminism is selfish and being a helpmeet involves selflessness. Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying that all women who work outside of the home are not being the helpmeets to their husbands, but those who worship their career, their own friends, their own life cannot be helping their husbands or families very much. 


4) Search For Inner Godly Character In a Husband


Did you know that some men don't really know what their God-given role is in marriage? That means they will not know how to take the lead and manage their households under God's design. Sadly, this is the way of most marriages today, even Christian households. Don't let this happen to you. Be prepared for marriage with the man you are going to marry someday. If he does not know BEFORE marriage what his position in the marriage should be then he needs to study the bible and understand what his purpose for marriage should be according to God. 


Then both of you need to discuss together what your God-given role should be in the marriage and agree on God's design for the marriage. Marriage is a one-flesh that works in harmony when both husband and wife accept their God-given roles and apply them on a consistent basis. God's marriage is teamwork, cooperation, respect and consideration of each other through the give and take process. That means there is no room for head-butting. 


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