Getting Married and NOT Prepared
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Whose job is it to instill values and morals in our children? Are we leaving this important stuff up to the school system because we are too busy working to maintain a comfortable lifestyle? It used to be back in the forties and fifties that the teachers were moral individuals, subsequently; they also taught the class ethics and how to treat others properly.

Some of today’s teachers are having some deep moral issues within themselves that could directly affect the children in a negative way. More and more teachers are having unhealthy sexual attitudes themselves! And your children are in their classroom? Understand here, I am not saying that ALL teachers are immoral, but many of them are not really dedicated to their profession and these are the ones we have to be careful with.

Today, many of the children in school are bullies and intolerant. Children are not taught to respect and accept others.  I guess a lot of children these days have to learn the important aspects for building character on their own. They will learn how to respect others by playing video games and watching TV. Some of these children probably will not make it through life and will end up spiritless and on the streets. Maybe on antidepressants for the made-up disease they call Attention Deficient Disorder. (Take your child off all forms of sugar, processed and starchy white floury foods for one month and see if they still have an attention disorder?

If our new generation of children, soon to be adults are not taught how to respect, forgive and love others properly how on earth can they expect to be able to get along with a spouse in marriage? If I were a child today, growing up in a public school, I would feel very intimidated and abused just by the ruthless attitude of the teachers and children and how they behave towards one another. If it is not the schools responsibility to teach morals, and how to get along with others whose responsibility is it?

Here is a scenario to think about. Little Tommy had always been bullied by his classmates. He told the teacher but she never did anything. Finally he had to learn how to defend himself because he just could not take the mistreatment anymore. So he started to lift weights just so he could beat up the bullies who physically and mentally tormented him. A year later he is strong and wins his first fight. After the fight, he felt euphoric, and his adrenaline was rushing. For Tommy, it felt so good to get revenge that it has become his new attitude in life.

Little Tommy is now big Tom and is married. He does not know what forgiveness is. He does not know what love is. He is needy and insecure. He does not know how to take care of himself except through physical abuse, in which his wife gets a lot of these days. Tom understands revenge and defending the little bit of self-image he has left.  No one intervened on little Tommy’s behalf; they were too busy working, teaching math and science, and being selfish. Tom now needs inner healing but he does not know it; He think the way he feels is normal and that all the marriage problems are the fault of his wife.

Quiet Mary never felt loved as a child growing up. Her parents were always very busy working in their medical practices to give Mary the nurturing she needed as a child.  They showed their love by giving Mary all the material possessions a child could ask for and more. Mary’s teacher did not like Mary. She thought Mary was a snob and a spoiled little brat who got her way too much just because her parents were rich.

Mary never told anyone that she felt unloved and unwanted by her parents and teacher, and so everyone thought she was happy as a lark.  When Mary turned fourteen she began sleeping with many of the boys in school. This is how she felt loved and wanted. When she was sixteen, Mary got pregnant and her parents made her get an abortion and put her on birth control. Mary does not know anything at all about her Creator because her teacher teaches atheism. Three years later Mary marries her first husband. Sadly, Mary, being so used to dating and feeling loved by sleeping around in high school, exhibits the very same behavior with her husband. 

When she feels unloved by her husband, she simply has an affair. Mary has not learned how to stay married to the same man for very long, because she doesn’t know how to love and she doesn’t know what commitment is. This is what dating in High school has taught Mary.  No one cared about Mary when she was growing up, and now she has learned to care about no one but herself.


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