Finding A Godly Woman For Marriage
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Godly women are usually protected more by their parents and you will not find them without one of their parents, or at least without friends at a gathering, event or function. Keep in mind, there are Godly Christian ladies out there but that certainly does not mean you should start pursuing them. If she is still living at home, which is ideal, her parents will most likely chaperone any social occasions you will have.

Just as we tell Godly young ladies to be watchful and discerning, we also teach young men, especially since men are the assertive ones in the friendship. Donít be in a big hurry to rush the relationship because when you do find a Christian lady to spend the rest of your life with it is God's will that you are committed to the marriage.  Marriage is for life. Godís created marriage as a life-time commitment. You will have lots of time to enjoy one another in the Lord, once you are married.

There are different stages of Christianity according to faith and beliefs, and just because a woman is a Christian does not make her compatible to your Christian faith and beliefs.  Does she believe the same way as you about ďChristian livingĒ? Does she agree that the husband is the spiritual head and leader of the home and that she is to submit to that spiritual counsel? Please read our ebook on How You Can Make Headship and Submission Work in your marriage.

Does she place God first in her life?  Be friends with her by not letting your emotions to lead the relationship. How does she get along with her parents? How a young woman treats her parents reveals many aspects of her character. Does she submit to her dadís protection for her or does she rebel against it? Is she disrespectful towards her parents? If she disrespects her dadís authority over her, how on earth will she understand to respect her husband headship position in marriage? Respect starts in the home!

Be discerning and watchful when choosing a Christian woman for marriage because marriage is for life! There are some wonderful God-fearing women out there that will make a man a superb wife in the Lord some day, but for now, wait on God. Let God give you the sign to move forward in the relationship. He knows what you need. This is Godís will for you and your marriage.  

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