Finding a Godly Man For Marriage


Many of you single Christian ladies may be wondering how on earth you will ever find a Godly man for marriage. Some of you may even be a little worried that there arenít any real Godly men out there to be found. But let me assure you there are good men with exceptional marriageable qualities somewhere in Godís kingdom. God knows what you need and He will bless you with your life-spouse.

I know there are good Christian young men because my husband and I have raised three sons ourselves and I have friends that are raising sons in the Lord as well. These young men have been a blessing to us, and I know they will be a blessing to a Godly Christian woman someday. That is, when God is ready for them to love and support a wife.

Where Are The Godly Men Hiding?

Good Christian men, in the Lord, arenít hiding out. Itís just that you wonít find them in places most people look to find relationships, such as at public schools, bars, parties, rock concerts and the like. Godly men are more quiet, watchful, shy and humble than the non-Christian men. Therefore they are much more difficult to spot. You wonít find a good man where Godlessness exists unless he is on a mission, teaching about Jesus Christ to people.

The Godly man will be more reserved and thoughtful. The Christ-centered man has been brought up knowing what his responsibilities are in the Lord, for the preparation to marriage and for being the spiritual head of his marriage someday. He us not thinking about dating and any of the aspects that come with the dating scene. The Godly man is also looking for a potential spouse for him somedayÖwhere do you think he might go to do that. That is where you can find good Christian friends.

The sincere Christian man is not hiding, but working on developing his skills and abilities to procure for his wife and family some day. Godly men can be found in church, home church, and with family and friends at social gatherings. One of the core values of sincere Christianity is helping family and being with family, and so you will most likely find Godly young single men working with his parents and siblings on a family farm, homestead, or other family business, whatever that may be.

You will find good men just about anywhere where it is respectable and decent. Many times you will meet good friends in the Lord through contacts and through fellowship with like-minded Christians. Godly men are not looking for the same things in a young lady as a non-Christian would.

The important thing for the Godly young lady to understand is that there is nothing wrong with praying about your future husband and then waiting on the Lord. (Our new ebook talks about Godís plan for you in the friendship and romance department)

It is a good idea to be friends with God-fearing men of like-mind and let God go to work on the rest by allowing Him to make the decision if the relationship should progress into the courtship stage. Donít rush a relationship along by ďgiving in with your emotionsĒ and then regretting it later with heartache. Slow downÖlet God take over. He knows what you need.

Get to know the true character of your friendships before allowing yourself to get emotionally involved with the wrong person. Donít allow your emotions to lead your friendships but allow them to follow behind. There is no hurry to rush into anything.

God wants you to find your life mate but not if it means to sacrifice your mind and body in the process. Donít give any man your mind and body if there is no commitment for the future, ever! Why on earth would you want to do that? You wouldnít want to, believe me, I know this from experience. I too, was once a young woman looking for love. But I always went to all the wrong places or gave my body and mind away without ever any commitment. It causes much heartache and grief, at the time and later on in life. It is Godís will that His people reserve the sexual union for marriage.

Even if a young man says he is a Christian you should be discerning anyway. Learn to be quiet with your emotions and be watchful instead. Patience is a virtue when looking for potential life-spouses. With time, true character will be revealed to you and then you can decide, with Godís blessing, if this person is worth progressing the relationship to the courting stage.

Rest assured there are Godly men out there who will make honorable husbands. Keep God always first in your heart, mind and soul in all that you do and one day a Godly man will be at your doorstep asking for permission to court you.


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