Dating is Not Scriptural: Are We Ignoring Godís Moral Lessons?
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Dating in the worldly sense is an activity that has evolved from courting. Obviously what people used to value in themselves and in others has shifted their way of thinking and belief system about relationships, such as seeking inner beauty of others and being committed for a lifetime in marriage.

What happened to these precious things among Christian people and their relationships? Are we ignoring God's moral lessons for us? Immorality and deceitfulness has crept into our most precious commodity, marriage and family! And sadly it has become commonplace.

Godís Love is His Discipline

When we disobey Godís teachings for us, we harm our body, our minds, and our spirit. We end up in relationship heartache, we catch diseases, and we dishonor the spirit of Jesus Christ that lives in us. All of this is emotionally harmful to us. God loves us and this is why He teaches us how to live and be happy, to love others appropriately and ourselves.

To the majority, sexual abstinence seems like an old fashioned thing to do, given that having sex is accepted of you every time you are with the opposite sex. But lets think about our spirit for a moment. Are we keeping ourselves spiritually fit by following the teachings of God in our relationships? Are Christians pleasing God or themselves? Does the Word of God change to meet the change in our value system? I donít think so!

The minority (sincere Christians) is still following in the ways of God and hopefully they will teach their own children to do the same. Why? Because without God, our Creator we are NOTHING! Letís get off the pedestals and start living our life for God through Jesus Christ! 

What is Dating?

Dating is an attitude of desire and lust, plain and simple. God teaches us to not even look at others with lust in our heart because that is emotional adulteryóit is wrong and leads to immorality. Lust harms others emotionally and spiritually because it takes away the beauty of purity within a relationship and for the preparation of marriage. Itís fine to appreciate beauty but when we lust after someone we are not using self-control. Lust is the opposite of appreciation and respect.

Dating is Fornication

Dating, 95% percent of the time involves fornication and 100% of the time emotional heartache. Friends do not use each other for sexual pleasure, or do they? Jesus says that those who practice fornication will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Wow! That means that everyone who is not married and having sex is not in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Dating is Jealousy and Mistrust

Dating almost always involves emotional imbalances. Such emotional negativities stem from being hurt through the dating process. Giving away yourself sexually and emotionally causes much grief and heartache when the relationship ends or when the parties in the relationship begin to show their true selves. One party in the relationship or both will begin to show their true character and deceive the other. This is why staying just friends and not allowing your emotions to lead the relationship is a must if you want to stay happy, well balanced emotionally, and prepared for a healthy marriage later on.

Dating is NOT a commitment to a Lasting Relationship

Dating is just an easy way to get what you want from others. But if there is not commitment to marry one another then we should not be giving away our bodies and hearts to another. This is why God calls that to arouse passion and lust in another is fraud. (1 Thessalonians 3:4-7) Look at all the problems couples are having in their marriages because of lack of commitment.

Dating Teaches to Only Be Interested in the Outside of a Person

Dating is actually a selfish way to get to know someone. It is for people who arenít really interested in who a person is or in getting to know them based on character. Dating usually sidesteps the inner beauty and character of a person because it teaches us to be superficial with our relationships. This is why many marriages do not last as well because couples do the same thing with their future spouse. Then they get married and donít practice principled acts of love but instead live by their feelings. They believe that whatever their feelings tell them, it must be right. But it is wrong.

Dating Teaches that Lust is Love

Half of all marriages end in divorce because couples think they arenít ďin loveĒ anymore. Do you want this to happen to you in your marriage? Couples really donít fall out of love, they just donít have the same ďlust feelingsĒ they had when they first got married. Society is so confused about real love and itís very sad because most people are going to be deceived and heartbroken from dating relationships.

Christ teaches us what real love is. Real love is a sacrificial kind of love. Love means doing something for another, even if you donít feel like it. To love another means to consider their feelings. Christ teaches us to love others over ourselves. Couples can save their marriage by going back to the principles and moral lessons that Christ taught for us to live by.







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