Sexuality: Healthy View Towards


In the beginning God made them male and female. Have you ever pondered why God created the first man male (masculine) and the first woman female (feminine)? God did not create another man to be a sexual companion to Adam, nor did He create another woman as a sexual companion to Eve. God predestined the sexual union to be between only a man and a woman, hence, He created Adam/Man and Eve/Woman. They were perfectly created for each other sexually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. God gave them the ability to experience deep pleasure and love for one another and the ability to bare children for the world. 

Healthy sexuality begins with attitude, hence if we have an attitude that sexual relations with anyone we desire is acceptable within our moral conscience we will have sex with anyone we desire, even if we are married. This is a moral issue that reflects back into the preconditioning of the human mind. “What one believes one becomes.” We become what we believe”.  

God created them male and female in the beginning for a reason and that was to sanctify and bless marriage by keeping it holy and pure. This ideal may seem old-fashioned and out-dated but God’s principles do not change – people do.  Dating and having many sexual partners before marriage has caused society to confuse LOVE with LUST, hence sexuality is distorted in its thinking and becomes unhealthy. Anything other than the sexual union between a married man and woman creates a distorted view of sexuality and is not healthy. 

Healthy sexuality is respecting persons and their bodies. Healthy sexuality is respecting yourself and your body. Until society can work its way into a healthy way to view the opposite sex, sexuality will remain corrupted and distorted in its thinking. Because this culture has lost respect for itself as a whole, its view of sex has become one not built on love but built on sexual attraction. And that view has caused numerous problems in marriage and family as well as society in general.

Sexuality Issues and Concerns

Sexuality should be viewed as something beautiful between a married man and woman and regarded without feelings of shame or guilt.  When we feel guilty or shameful for something we did sexually that means we are doing something wrong and against our moral conscience.  The lax views and attitudes of our young people today about sexuality has become extremely unsafe and hazardous to their own sexuality, especially since the arrival of HIV and AIDS in our society.  Having a laissez-faire attitude towards our sexuality has contributed to numerous issues and problems within our society that have damaged the sanctity of family and marriage. 


LOVE is kind = considerate, caring, giving, thoughtful, understanding

Lust is envy = jealous, greed, spite, resentment,

LOVE is not proud = humble, submissive, meek, modest

Lust is self-seeking = selfish, rebellious, rude, egotistical, hateful,

LOVE rejoices in the truth = God is love, Love is God = Wisdom, Holy Spirit,

Lust delights in evil = Satan, sin, wicked, iniquitous, immoral, and dishonest

Sexual immorality is a temptation we all must face on a daily basis. God doesn’t forbid sexual sins just to be difficult. God knows its power to destroy people’s lives physically and spiritually. God wants to protect us from damaging ourselves with immoral sexual desires.  Sex outside of the marriage relationship always hurts someone.  It hurts God because it shows that we care more about our own lustful desires than Him.

Paul said in Corinthians, “Do you not know that your body is the a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price (Jesus Christ death freed us from sin). Therefore, honor God with your body” 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20

Many people believe they have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies.  And they think this is freedom, but really, they are enslaved to their own lustful and sinful desires – they are in bondage and a slave to their own lustful desires and this is a negative and destructive way to view sexuality.

The world has been given moral principles for very good reasons - biblical principles are our stepping-stones towards eternal life with God. When we have a healthy attitude about our sexuality and when we learn to respect others and their bodies we can be free to actually love others wholly and completely without sexual temptations getting in the way. God created all the principles we need to live healthy, productive, sexually pure lives right here on earth.

We must teach our youth about sexual abstinence until
marriage and the purity of marriage.

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