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Before You Get Married - 4 Tips

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What prepares a guy for marriage besides the obvious of being able to provide for his family is knowing his position in the marriage. Many good Christian people rush into marriage only to wonder why they feel so stressed out and unhappy. It is because husbands and wives are not managing the marriage in the ways of the Lord. God designed marriage and He knows what works best. Knowing and then procuring your position in marriage is by far the most important aspect of a guys preparation to marriage. 

1) Know and Procure Your God-given Role

If ever there was a time to be right about something in your life it is in who you are as a man, husband, and father in relation to your Creator. Don't allow others to form you, mold you and tell you who you are as a man. God created man FIRST in His image, and then woman was created from the man, therefore for this reason alone it shows the hierarchy of husband and wife. Man is head over his wife. Man is not better than woman in any way shape or form, but God made him to be the captain of his ship and made Eve to be the first-mate. No ship has ever, ever had two captains. 

2) Don't be Afraid to Carry Out Your God-given Role

A couple can be dead broke and the marriage still stay afloat if the husband knows how to love, protect, and take care of his wife by the design that God meant for him to. I believe that a man who is married has way more responsibilities than his wife, just for the fact that he is the man and in charge of how everything is managed-he is the decision maker and the main disciplinary, and the one who can't let his emotions get too out of hand, for everyone else in the household. He is the CEO but he will find that being the CEO for his marriage comes with many more responsibilities than being a CEO of a company. He has to keep it together for everyone else. There is a togetherness--a bond that no one can tear apart when a man and woman love each other according to Christ-built love. 

3) Search For Inner Beauty and Fruits

This is such an important step in being prepared for marriage that it should not be discounted or overlooked by the lust of the flesh or the deception of your eyes of outside beauty. Be smart and search for the character within the young lady you have in question for a lifetime soul-mate. I cannot tell you how much better your marriage will be by not allowing your emotions to get too involved in the wrong woman, only to find out after marriage that she is rebellious to your headship position. Don't rush into marriage. Know what you want and search for it with much prayer. 

4) Don't Let Yourself Be Deceived 

Did you know that there are Christian women who don't know they are feminist? How can that be? It can be because of how they were raised and how the churches have skewed the meaning of what true headship and submission means in marriage. Just because a young lady goes to church and attends a Christian college does not mean she will not be rebellious to your protection and care for her. Christian schools are not any different than Christian culture among unbelievers. 

So guys if you take your headship position with the seriousness that it deserves you will be patient in choosing a wife, you will hold discernment and wisdom close to your heart, and you will seek God's will for you in much prayer and soul-searching for the right woman to come into your life. Always remember to search for the fruits from within and not just the beauty on the outside. Don't let yourself be deceived! 



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