Wives submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. (Ephesians 5:22-230) 


What You Should Know About Headship and Submission Before Getting Married


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How A Husband Should Love His Wife and a Wife Her Husband: A FRESH Understanding of the Traditional Roles of Marriage.
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Understanding God's Design for Marriage

What do you think is going to happen if a wife continually bosses her husband around and treats him like one of the children? He is going to look elsewhere for emotional and manly encouragement. What do you think is going to happen if a husband continually demands and bosses his wife around? She is going to feel unloved and seek attention outside her marriage. The above examples are not headship and submission but two bulls butting heads. 

For Husbands: The role of headship is not behaving like a bull towards your wife but behaving as a gentle, loving spirit of God with your wife. Some Christian husbands believe it is ok to abuse their wives just because they have been given the role of headship in marriage but this is incorrect information. 

For Wives: The role of submission is not feeling like a doormat and rebelling against a husbandut your being through your husband. When a wife submits her loving soul to her husbands protection she is loving God with her whole being. 

Did you know that applying the traditional roles of husband and wife in marriage is what makes marriage work? 

Husband's before getting married be spiritually prepared to be the loving and protective husband that God created you to be. And wives be spiritually prepared to love and obey your husbands in everything. 


Are You Prepared For a Lifetime Commitment? 

Husbands are you prepared to take your headship position with the seriousness and loving care that it deserves? And wives are you prepared to honor and respect your husbands role of headship with loving submission? 

When we take a closer look at the many reasons why marriages fail, it almost always comes back to the mixed up roles of husband and wife and the confusion that ensues because of those mixed up roles. We must love each other in the ways of the Lord to keep our marriages FREE of the immoralities of society. We must keep our marriage separate from the world and live it for God!

As you ponder these next questions and answer them with honesty you will be having a heart to heart with God. The most important aspect of having a healthy marriage is to LOVE God with all of your heart and mind and soul. 

Have you dedicated your life to the Lord? What does dedication mean to you? Describe who you are in the family of God. What are your duties and obligations as a Christ follower? 

1. God designed and established marriage, therefore He is the One who controls it. He owns marriage! If you agree that when you marry "your marriage" will belong to God then continue to question number two. If you disagree then you may want to read Genesis again and do a thorough study. 

2. Are you ready to accept your God-given role and position in your marriage? For the husband it is a self-sacrifice submission to love wife as Christ loved the church, the body of believers. Christ sacrificed His life for ours--can you do that for your wife? For the wife her role is loving submission to her husbands headship position in the Lord. Do you agree? If you agree then continue to next question, if you disagree better do some more bible study. 

Husbands: Do you think you are prepared to take your headship position seriously and to do it with the same love that Christ has shown you? Explain in what ways you are ready to be responsible and take the spiritual lead in your marriage. 

Wives: Do you think you are prepared to willingly submit to your husband's  protection and love for you? Explain why you think you are ready to voluntarily submit to your husbands headship? 

Remember: Submission is mutual. (Ephesians 5:21). Christ referred to this "mutual submission" as filling of the Spirit in verse 18. The command "BE FILLED means singing, making music, giving thanks, and submitting to one other. (Ephesians 5: 19-21)

Submit means to yield ones own rights--to give in for the sake of another. Understand that a wife's submission does not mean to put her husband in God's place, but shows rather that a woman ought to submit to her husband as an act of submission to God. 

Paul clearly shows that submission is not one-sided, but a reciprocal relationship of serving and loving one another. Head of the wife is the analogy of Christ to the church as Christ is the head of the church husband is head of the wife. (1 Corinthians 11:3)

3. What is accountability? Who are you accountable to? Self? God? Spouse? Children? Explain on paper "why" you are accountable to self, God, spouse and Children? 

4. When married to another explain how your life does not just belong to you? What are your responsibilities in marriage? How do the headship and submission roles help you to understand how to love your spouse? 

5. Did you know that God created woman to be the helpmeet to her husband? What does it mean for the wife to be a helpmeet to her husband? (Genesis 2:18) Read this article for added encouragement. Are you prepared to be the helpmeet to your husband in the ways of the Lord?

6. Are you totally devoted to being married for life? Are you going into this marriage with the intent of being married for the rest of your life or that of your spouses life? Are you walking into marriage with divorce being not an option? Please read Permanency of Marriage and discover the teachings of Jesus Christ on marriage. 

7. We are the created not the Creator! God is our source for everything under the sun including our marriage. Are you prepared to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His principles for your marriage if and when marriage problems enter into the marriage? 



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