Heaven Ministries Godly Courtship is a place to understand a new/OLD perspective--the biblical view about relationships and how God wants us to deal with our relationships with the opposite sex in preparation to getting married. Read our FAQ.

Heaven Ministries rests on the foundations of Jesus Christ and His Principles for our lives. Jesus Christ is the head of His church -- He is in control. As Christ-ones our citizenship is in heaven and as such we are to worship and glorify God with our lives, whether being single, courting, or in marriage. 

Godly Courtship is about striving to walk in His ways and living our lives pleasing to God through Jesus Christ. This website will teach you a perspective that comes from God and what it takes to put God FIRST in your life and to base your relationships and future marriage on the Creator of Marriage!! True wisdom and knowledge come from God!!

Godly Courtship and Wisdom For Young Christian People



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